//GHW Bush Death Hogs The News

GHW Bush Death Hogs The News

With all due respect to the late President George Herbert Walker Bush, the complicit media seem to be trying to make up for the many slings and arrows they unleashed on Bush while President, and since he left office.

Starting at the top, there are levers hundred words eulogizing the former President.

The next item down is another eulogy, this time from those who worked for the first President Bush.

Next, the item about the coffin being loaded into a hearse in Houston.

Down one “News item” and we get the ladies of The View, all but one trying not express anything negative about the man. But with the one excoriating Bush because President Trump is trying to bring our laws into working with climate science instead of against science.

The lon33e View Member to show animosity to the departed cited the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 as something GHW Bush did.

In fairness, GJW Bush also signed the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990” into law, with catastrophic results:

That bill earns criticism because it gives federal employees the poser to literally ruin a man who has done nothing more serious than drain a mud hole and throw a shovelful of gravel in the pit.

On the other hand, many of the bills GHW Bush signed into law law have had deadly aft3ereffects. Among them were the many “gun control” laws Bush signed into law, including the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990.

The chart below shows the results of that Act on mass school shootings, which had been measured in lives lost per decade before the GFZZ took effect:

Schools were not the only places hit hard by the GFZ. Dozens of industrial facilities that had thought to head off trouble by make their premisies “Gun Free Zones” discovered just how mistaken they were. As is shown in this chart of annual fatalaties in gun free zones:

And the bottom line is simple enough. The costs of the bills GHW Bush signed into law probably exceed the benefits of those lows by a factor of between 2.9 and 3.2 to 1.

So OK, that is all water over the dam. Give the man a decent euology, give him the same “six feet of earth that is a man’s due, unless he be of unusual stature,”” and close the book.


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