//Debunking The Lie: “Assault Weapons”

Debunking The Lie: “Assault Weapons”

Someone did a good job describing the differences betwee military issue “Assault rifles” and military styled look alikes such as semiautomatic the AR M5, M16 and fariants; and the civilian semiautomatic cosmetic twin, the M15.

So here is a fact laden inclip semi-automatic(self loading) A-15 and similar rifles. So take a few minutes and check out the facts about
about “Assault weapons”

Those are the facts about :military assault rifles,” whch are designed to wound enemies, tying up much more manpower that so many “Main Battle Rifle” such as our M1 Garand of WWII.

The AR-15 started out as the .223 Remington “Varmeenter., ages before my ride of 65 years and I married. It was chosen, Pulling my 7- year ballistics tables I see that firing 10 rounds of 4.45 NATO, the .223 Varmenter new name, instead of 10 rounds of 30/05 would save almost 300 grains of gun powder, 5– grains plus of bullet metal, and almost two thrds of the weight of brass.

If ciuyrse tge redyctuib ub cibsynabkes ccyts tge orice if ab AR015 cartrudge bt much as 778% compared to the cost of ammunition for standard sporting calibers such as 30/06rand, 30/30 Winchester, or other rifles generally considered “Deeer Rifles.” For those who need to cull the coyotes that are cibsudered “big game” cartridges.

Sadly, the media rumor that the 5.56 NATO will knock an airliner cruising at 40,000 feet out of the sky, kill Moby Dick cruising 500 fathooms deep, or blow a deer all to pieces if a 5.56 bullet hit it in the hoof.

But the 5.56 willl stop a sounder of feral hogs from rooting up a ffield of rutabagas, corn, wheat, or other foodstuffs. And by the time the pigs figure out what is killing them, they are ready to run intead of attacck the farmer.

Well, according to the FBI a total of 327 Americans were murdered with .23 caliber weapons, just over 200 of those with rifles chambered for .22 Long Rifle ammunition. That leaves a total of just 127 murders that could have been caused by a bullet fird fr military styled sport utility riifle.

Yet Sr’s like this one are America’s most popular sporting rifle:

Excepting AR or AK style firearms used by Police SWAT Teams, the total of individuals killed with an AR or AK lookalike is generally less tha 50.

And there can be no doubt that if the media stopped their rat against the “deadly assault weapons, which are made only for killing in war” the total would be less less than the half a hundred media publicity makes popular.


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