GHW Bush Death Hogs The News

With all due respect to the late President George Herbert Walker Bush, the complicit media seem to be trying to make up for the many slings and arrows they unleashed on Bush while President, and…

If Only Every State Were as Restrictive!

These 15 states put the most illegal guns on N.J. streets this year [More] Huh, that's funny.You know what three words are missing from this "report"?Time-to-crime: I'm sure it's just an oversight, and Thomas Moriarty…

Third Time’s a Charm!

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is officially opposing Trump judicial nominee Thomas Farr, a controversial pick who Democrats argue has systematically stripped African Americans of their voting rights — meaning his nomination will likely fail. [More]…

Shriveling Dick’s

Dick's Sporting Goods considers removing hunting supplies from stores because of a decline in sales since they banned selling guns to anyone under 21 and stopped stocking assault rifles [More] What kind of Quisling Fudd…

Voice of Experience

Obama: America Has a ‘Great Smugness’... [More] He would know. And it figures the "former" Opposite Day "Progressive"-in-Chief would attack wealth and status. Original Source -> Voice of Experience

No Argument from Me

Trump shares image calling for his opponents to face trials for ‘treason’ [More] I'm glad to see he comprehends the battle is existential. Original Source -> No Argument from Me


[embedded content] He sounds like my kind of guy, which probably explains why you don't see him that much these days.[Via Tristan M] Original Source -> DYN-O-MITE!